TECOM Free zone Dubai: Your Business Future

TECOM free zone Dubai, also known as Dubai Internet City, serves as a magnet for those who dream of sports and education. It’s not about a place; it’s about the platform from which the visionaries are taking off, intending to leave an important imprint on the constantly changing market of Dubai. If you are a tech lad who is dreaming of setting up your own technology center, Company formation corporate services providers (COFOCSP) will assist you in transforming your dream into a reality. Whether you decide on a branch office, a startup, or establishing an LLC, our team of experts is your number one key to a smooth and successful set-up in the UAE

We have been racking up more than 10+ years of experience, which enables us to be the spine for a lot of the international authorities who are looking for a way to create new businesses in Dubai, as it is an emerging economy. TECOM Free Zone is the gate you need to walk in and get to be a part of the exclusive network of dynamic and progressive entrepreneurs. Here, we will walk you through the processes of obtaining a TECOM Free Zone visa, securing a TECOM Free Zone office, or entering the number of TECOM FreeZone Dubai companies under your banner. This will make these tasks quite easy to accomplish. Take the chance to be one of those companies that got successfully incorporated into the TECOM Free Zone. Get started on your journey to go global as the company formation corporate services provider (COFOCSP) and take advantage of the innovative hub of the UAE. Leverage our expertise for ‘Business Success with Experience’ as you embark on this transformative business journey with us.

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In the TECOM Freezone Dubai, business owners can have 100% foreign ownership and remittance of their profits and capital without paying a cent for either corporate or personal income tax, as well as exemption from import and export duties. Additionally, the zone offers networking with other businesses as well as access to the education system.

The business advancement in the TECOM Free Zone realms begins with the selection of activity, the formation of a legal entity, the obtaining of a license, and the selection of facilities. The process usually requires the submission of specific information and the receipt of authorizations from the relevant bodies, which can be enhanced with the help of a local service agent.

TECOM Free Zone provides different licenses depending on the nature of the business. These are those for commercial activities: trading licenses; service businesses are covered by service licenses; and manufacturing and industrial activities are covered by industrial licenses. There are further special licenses for businesses that involve media, education, and technology

TECOM Free Zone is equipped with infrastructure facilities to meet different market requirements. The zone has office spaces, factories, and retail units. Firms can opt for installed offices, shell and core warehouses, and executive offices. Besides that, the zone offers support services such as IT and telecommunications infrastructure, security, and building management

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