TECOM Free Zone Business Setup

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Dive into the Future with TECOM Free Zone: Your Ultimate Business Destination

TECOM Free Zone, also celebrated as Dubai Internet City, stands as a beacon for those passionate about technology, education, and innovation. This vibrant zone is not just a place; it's a launching pad for visionaries aiming to make a significant impact in Dubai's dynamic market. If you're dreaming of setting up your tech haven, Company Formation Corporate Services Providers (COFOCSP) is here to turn those dreams into reality. Whether it's a branch office, a startup, or an LLC you envision, our team of experts is your key to a smooth and successful setup in the UAE.

With more than 15 years of experience under our belt, we've been the backbone for countless international entrepreneurs venturing into Dubai’s flourishing economy. TECOM Free Zone is your ticket to joining an elite community of forward-thinkers and innovators. Here, obtaining a TECOM Free Zone visa, securing a TECOM Free Zone office, or becoming one of the esteemed TECOM Free Zone companies is made effortless with our guidance. Embrace the opportunity to be part of TECOM Free Zone’s company setup success stories. Connect with Company Formation CSP today and embark on your journey to making a global mark from the UAE’s hub of innovation.

WHY Choose BUSINESS SETUP IN Freezone Dubai

100% Foreign Ownership:

Unlike mainland Dubai, free zones offer the unique advantage of 100% foreign ownership, allowing international entrepreneurs full control over their businesses without the need for a local sponsor.

Tax Benefits:

Businesses in Dubai-free zones benefit from significant tax exemptions, including no personal income tax and no corporate tax for a fixed period, enhancing profitability and financial efficiency.


Strategic Location:

Dubai's strategic location serves as a gateway between the East and the West, offering unparalleled access to global markets. Free zones are often strategically placed near ports and airports, facilitating easy import and export activities.


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

Free zones in Dubai boast world-class business facilities, cutting-edge technology, and advanced logistics support, catering to all business needs and ensuring operations run smoothly and efficiently.


TECOM Free Zone is ideal for companies in the technology, education, media, and innovation sectors. It offers a thriving environment for startups and established firms alike.

COFOCSP offers expert guidance on the end-to-end company formation process in the TECOM Free Zone, including legal compliance, visa processing, and securing office space, ensuring a streamlined setup.

Businesses benefit from TECOM Free Zone’s strategic location, robust infrastructure, dynamic business community, and incentives such as tax exemptions and no currency restrictions.

Yes, TECOM Free Zone provides various visa options that facilitate the securing of long-term visas for you and your employees, enhancing your ability to build a stable and committed team.

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