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DWC Free Zone Setup (Dubai World Central) forms the base of Dubai’s ambitious plan to position itself as a premier global business destination, tailored to accommodate companies with their global expansion plan in mind. Situated in the heart of Dubai, DWC is more than just an airport; it is an integrated economic zone that is constructed to stimulate trade, logistics, aviation, and exhibition endeavors over a 70-sq km state-of-the-art development. This bridge forming East and West is a gain for a business as it capitalizes on Dubai’s spectacular infrastructure and strategic geographic location. Connectivity to the main seaports and the future rail connection, which will be the world largest and the location of Al Maktoum International Airport, will enable businesses in DWC free Zone Setup to interact seamlessly in the global supply chain and consumer markets.

Every aspect of the ecosystem at DWC is carefully designed to enable the growth and development of several business activities, including logistics, air freight, manufacturing, and trading. High-class logistics centers, in addition to the large economic zones, make businesses that are established in this area stand out from the rest. Implementing such a strategy, DWC Free Zone Setup is a vanguard for economic diversification in Dubai, inviting businesses of all scales to develop and advance in a hospitable and prosperous community. Working in collaboration with the company formation corporate services provider (COFOCSP) in Dubai makes your DWC free zone setup not only about selecting your destined location but also about aligning with a global hub that is the center of change for international trade and commerce.

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DWC is a free zone authority with jurisdiction in Dubai that offers a range of business activities

The airport design features a total of three terminals, multiple concourses, jet centers, hotels, shopping malls, and aviation maintenance facilities.

The plan is that one day, Emirates will move its entire operation to DWC. Two years ago, the airline's president, Tim Clark, told Simple Flying that it was a question of when, not if. While you can see the outline of future terminals on satellite imagery, the work is far from complete

Each of the four concourses at DWC will be a megastructure, with a built-up area of 2.3 million sq. m. Stretched across 2.7-kilometers, each concourse will equal the length of the three concourses at Dubai International (DXB).

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