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From Vision to Reality: Building Your Dream in Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)

Sharjah Media City Free Zone Dubai (SHAMS) stands as a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurs and visionaries aiming to pioneer the creative and media sectors. Established in 2017 by the Sharjah government, this dynamic free zone has quickly become a haven for innovation, offering a nurturing environment for startups, SMEs, and established companies alike. With a commitment to fostering media excellence, Shams Free Zone is designed to empower production enthusiasts and creative minds, providing a robust platform where ideas can soar and businesses can expand. The zone offers enticing benefits such as 100% business ownership, a tax-free landscape, and flexible visa options, making it an ideal setting for your business aspirations.

Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey in Shams Free Zone with the guidance of Company Formation Corporate Services Providers (COFOCSP) translates into a seamless setup experience. Our expertise in company formation ensures that your venture is not only compliant with local regulations but also primed for success. Shams Free Zone’s cutting-edge infrastructure and extensive support services create a conducive environment for business growth. By partnering with us, you’re not just launching a business; you’re becoming part of a community dedicated to innovation and creativity. Let us help you turn your business vision into reality in the heart of Shams Free Zone Dubai, where opportunities await at every corner.

WHY Choose BUSINESS SETUP IN Freezone Dubai

100% Foreign Ownership:

Unlike mainland Dubai, free zones offer the unique advantage of 100% foreign ownership, allowing international entrepreneurs full control over their businesses without the need for a local sponsor.

Tax Benefits:

Businesses in Dubai-free zones benefit from significant tax exemptions, including no personal income tax and no corporate tax for a fixed period, enhancing profitability and financial efficiency.


Strategic Location:

Dubai's strategic location serves as a gateway between the East and the West, offering unparalleled access to global markets. Free zones are often strategically placed near ports and airports, facilitating easy import and export activities.


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

Free zones in Dubai boast world-class business facilities, cutting-edge technology, and advanced logistics support, catering to all business needs and ensuring operations run smoothly and efficiently.


SHAMS is dedicated to nurturing innovation in the creative and media sectors, offering state-of-the-art infrastructure, 100% business ownership, a tax-free environment, and support services designed to empower creative production and media ventures.

COFOCSP offers comprehensive guidance on the company formation process in SHAMS, including assistance with legal compliance, registration, and obtaining the necessary licenses, ensuring a smooth setup for your creative or media business.

Startups in SHAMS benefit from a supportive ecosystem that includes flexible office solutions, networking opportunities, and access to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and creative minds, all within a regulatory framework designed to facilitate growth and innovation.

Yes, SHAMS offers flexible visa options for business owners and their employees, facilitating the relocation process for international talent and ensuring that your team has the necessary documentation to live and work in the UAE.

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