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Professionally Handling And Clearing Your Power Of Attorney Documents On Your Behalf

Want someone to professionally and legally handle your business’s operations while you’re away? With the expert PRO professionals of Company Formation Corporate Services Providers at your side, entitle someone to act on your behalf with professional Power Of Attorney (POA) services.

Company Formation Corporate Services Providers has over 12 years of experience assisting clients with their POA needs. The extensive experience ensures that your POA’s drafts will be written correctly and executed in accordance with your specific needs and wants. We will assist you with the drafting, translation, and attestation of POA sufficient for use in all UAE jurisdictions. Connect with us today to get your POA work underway!

Legally Sound

We comply with the local laws and ensure your POA documents are accepted by the notary.

Professionally Compliant

We draft POA documents using appropriate phrasing expected by the relevant POA entity.

Comprehensive Services

From drafting to attestation, we provide end-to-end POA services for our clients convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 What Is POA Or Power Of Attorney Services?

The Power Of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that authorizes one or more persons or entities to act on behalf of the person or entity that gives the POA, known as the principal.

02 When Can I Give The Power Of Attorney (POA)

You can give the POA for different reasons such as - you need to travel a lot and need someone to represent you in your absence or you have multiple properties and need an agent to look after one or more of them.

03 How Can I Give POA In UAE?

To make sure your POA is valid in the UAE, the draft has to be prepared either in English (with certified Arabic translation) or Arabic. The document has to be notarized which means the principal has to sign it personally before the Notary Public in the UAE.

04 Why Should I Get Power Of Attorney (POA) Services From Company Formation Corporate Services Providers?

At Company Formation Corporate Services Providers, we have over 12 years of experience in assisting clients with Power Of Attorney and other PRO services. From the POA drafting to notarizing to attesting - we will complete all POA steps correctly on your behalf.

05 How Many Amendments Can I Request For The POA Draft?

Our expert business consultants give you the exclusive benefit of making an unlimited number of amendments to your POA draft with no additional cost.

06 Who Will Prepare The POA Draft Document?

Rest assured that your Power Of Attorney draft will be prepared by a team of qualified legal experts who are well-versed with the applicable UAE laws.