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Sparing Your From The Constant And Complex Hassle Of Paperwork

Businesses all around the world have been always attracted to set up business activities in the UAE. However, with the country’s attractive commercial features comes the hurdles of clearing legal documents.

Skip the vexing hurdle of clearing un-ending legal documents by entrusting the task to our expert business consultants. We will submit and get your documents cleared on time, follow up on renewal requirements, and send you notices before the expiration of any of your documents.

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Saves Time

We ensure your document clearance process is done smoothly with minimum input from your side

Prevents Delays

Our experts sends you constant updates regarding document renewal to prevent you from incurring hefty fines

Utmost Transparency

We deliver all valid receipts from the document clearing process along with the final document

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 What Are Documents Clearance Services?

As part of our documents clearance services, our expert business consultants get the required authorization documents for our clients to start a business. Documents will vary from one business type to another.

02 What Are The Documents Required For Setting Up A Business In The UAE?

These are the basic documents you will need to set up a business in the UAE - proposed trade name, owner/partner mobile and email address, partner’s passport copies, and local sponsor’s passport copy. Additional documents may be required depending on the type of business activity, license and company.

03 How Can I Give POA In UAE?

To make sure your POA is valid in the UAE, the draft has to be prepared either in English (with certified Arabic translation) or Arabic. The document has to be notarized which means the principal has to sign it personally before the Notary Public in the UAE.

04 What Kinds Of Licenses Can Be Registered In The UAE?

You can register for commercial license, tourism license, industrial license, and professional license in the UAE.

05 How Do You Ensure The Safety Of The Documents?

Company Formation Corporate Services Providers ensures a series of safety steps during the document attestation process - so that none of your documents go missing even by mistake. Special attention is given to each document from submission to collection to delivery.

06 What Is Document Attestation?

It is the act of certification of a document by an authorized person/ departments/authorities with an official seal and signature.