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Bring Your Parents, Spouse, And Children To Uae Without Any Hassles

No more worrying about leaving behind your loved ones for setting up a business in the UAE. With the dependent visa, embark on your new business venture with your family members by your side.

Our expert business consultants will guide you throughout the dependent visa application process. We will make sure your dependents get their visa on time without having to go through any legal complications. With the right legal advice, improve your chances of your dependent visa getting approved.

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Education Benefits

With the dependent visa, your children can study in both UAE public and private educational institutions.

Chance To Work

The dependents can work in the UAE public sector or even establish their own company in the mainland .

Peace Of Mind

You can focus on your work and business activities knowing your family and loved ones are safely near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 Who Can Apply For The Dependent Visa In The UAE?

To apply for a dependent visa, the applicant must be a dependent family member of the qualified migrant.

02 Does The Applicant Need To Go Through A Medical Test?

Yes, as part of the dependent visa application process, the applicant does have to undergo a process of medical screening.

03 What Is The Cost Of Dependent Visa Services In Dubai?

The price of dependent visa services differs. It will depend on whether you are sponsoring parents, spouse, children, or domestic help.

04 What Is The Entry Permit?

The first step in the UAE dependent visa service is to apply for the entry permit. Entry permits are temporary visas that allow the holder access to the UAE for up to 60 days.

05 What Documents Does The Sponsor Need To Provide To Apply For The Dependent Visa?

The sponsor must provide a copy of company license, emirates ID card, UAE residence visa copy, and salary certificate.

06 Can’t All Employees Be A Sponsor For Dependent Visas?

Until 2019, employees of only certain professions could sponsor for a dependent visa. But now a foreign worker can bring over family members and sponsor their residence regardless of their profession.