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The UID number is called Unified Identity Number, UID number is has vital role to keep separate identities of individuals in UAE. Each person has their own UID number linked to their resident visa or tourist visa or passport. This Unified number stays the same no matter what happens to their visa status while they’re inside the country or outside the country.
UID number is a unique 9 to 15 digit number assigned to everyone upon entering to the UAE, including residents and visitors. UID number is issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).
The UID number is an important tool for ensuring the security wand efficiency of a variety of systems and processes in Dubai and UAE. By uniquely identifying individuals the UID number can help to prevent fraud, theft and other malicious activity. It is also a valuable resource for accessing government services and benefits in Dubai.

The important Role of UID number in resident visa:

The UID number is a unique and important It is used to track a person’s immigration status and access to government services in the UAE. This UID number make you different from the others and make sure that you and your file is safe. Unique Identification Number is printed on a resident visa. It is also used to apply for other government services, such as a driver’s license, a bank account, or a healthcare card.

How to obtain a UID Number:

If anyone never travelled to UAE before they won’t have UID number at all, there are several ways to obtain the UID number

• Visit Visa Holders: In this way people gets the visit visa by the travel agencies and those visit visas are issued by the Government of UAE. These visit visas are issued with the details of the travelers and visitors. All the passport information of the applicant get linked with UID to track his number of stay days and file to secure the country. When the visit visa holders enter there eyes get scanned at the immigration counter to linked with UID.
• On Arrival Visa Holders: Due to the multi cultural and diversity aspect UAE is welcome to anyone and best place for living and visiting. Many of European and other foreigners visit to Dubai and UAE for the purpose of New Business Setup in Dubai or Visiting. The moment they visitors enter to Dubai UAE, immigration officers of the UAE store there passport details and eye scanning with Government system and generate the UID same time.
• Entry Permit Visa Holders: This Entry Permit Visa can be issued by different ways, by getting sponsored by the UAE Mainland Companies as a employee. It can issued by the individual sponsors for the Family Visas. At the time of issue this Permit Visa UAE Government generates the UID along with the sponsorship details. It helps everyone and government to understand this kind of visa holders are responsible by the Company or individuals for the process and validity.
• Residence Visa: Every resident and UAE citizen has the UID number which is 9 to 15 digit and can be found on the Emirates id Card as in 15 numbers and as in 9 digits on the resident visa of the expats. Upon receiving residence visa or Emirates ID Card you will get automatically get a UID number 9 digits and this UID number is linked to your Emirates ID card automatically generates a 15 digits Emirates ID Number on the emirates id card.

Where we can find our Unified identity Number:

It is located below expiry date of Visit visa and Entry Permits, whereas at residence page we can find it at the top right corner next to the emirates name. For the on arriving visa holders we can find the UID number online only via General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai GDRFA website.

Steps to find out our Unified identity Number online:


1. Visit to the website www.gdrfad.gov.ae

2. Search for the UID Check Section: It might be labeled as “Find my Unified Number”

unified identity number

3. Enter Required Information (your passport number, nationality, date of birth and gender)

unified identity number

4. Submit the Information: click on the “Submit” or “Check” button.

5. Verification Process: The website will now process the information provided and cross-reference it with their database. If the details are accurate, the UID number associated with the provided information will be displayed on the screen.

How to merge the Unified Identity number:

It may happen that you get multiple UID numbers. It is a system technical issue that can effect issuance of your resident visa. When this happens, there may be an issue with your immigration records, so it’s advisable to sort it out immediately. The multiple UID numbers can be merged by the relevant immigration authority (GDRFA) so that you wouldn’t end up with more than a single record with the immigration.

Below are the steps to merge the UID numbers:

• Visit the immigration office in the UAE: https://www.gdrfad.gov.ae/en/form/contact-us
• Carry along the required documents like: passport copy, entry visa copy (if you have one) or national ID card to confirm your identity.
• If you have an old or expired or cancelled visa also take them along. They may be needed at the immigration service center for reference purposes.
• A list of the UID numbers you intend to merge, ensuring accuracy.
• submit a formal request to merge the UID numbers. The authority will verify the information provided and cross-reference the UID numbers to confirm their validity.
• Once verified will be issued a new UID number which now encompasses the consolidated information

Can You Get a UID Number Without Coming to Dubai?

Yes, we can obtain a UID number without physically entering Dubai and going through the immigration process. The UID is linked to your visa and serves as an identifier within the UAE system. We can apply for visit visa and can get the UID number from that.

Benefits of the unified identity number:


The Unified Identity Number (UID) offers numerous advantages that streamline identification and administrative processes. Some key benefits include:

• UID simplifies interactions with various organizations, reducing the need for repetitive paperwork and verification.
• With a centralized database, errors in personal information are minimized, ensuring accurate records across services.
• UID facilitates quicker access to government services, from applying for permits to tax filings, enhancing convenience.
• It helps detect and prevent identity theft and fraudulent activities.
• Promotes financial access for underserved populations, enabling them to open bank accounts and access subsidies.
• In business contexts, UID expedites licensing, permits, and other processes, fostering a business-friendly environment.
• UID can streamline patient records, making healthcare services more accessible and efficient.
• UID assists in targeted delivery of social benefits and services to those in need.

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