Cancelling Employment Visas in Dubai Mainland, UAE

Expert Insights on Cancelling Employment Visas in Dubai Mainland UAE

For the Dubai UAE Mainland, business setups and companies may face issues right after the company setup and visa. They may face termination of the employee’s Visas. Cancelling an employment visa in Dubai’s mainland or UAE mainland has several steps and it is compulsory required whether the employee is inside or outside the country. It needs specific guidelines and experience. By understanding the required documents, following the proper steps, and seeking the Professional PRO Services in Dubai. Start on time and keep up-to-date with the latest regulations to avoid any last-minute complications.

Types of Employment Visa Cancellation

There are three main types of employment visa cancellations:

  • Inside Country Employment Visa Cancellation
  • Outside Country Employment Visa Cancellation (More than six months)
  • Outside CountryVisa Cancellation (Less than 6 months)

Each type has its specific process and requirements.

Required Documents

To cancel an employment visa, you will need the following documents.

  1.  Passport Copy of the Employee
  2.  Visa Copy of the Employee
  3.  Trade License Copy of Company / Employer
  4.  Establishment Card Copy of Company / Employer
  5.  Original Emirates ID of the Authorized Person
  6.  Original E-Signature Card of the Authorized Person or OTP from an authorized person

1. Inside Country Visa Cancellation Process

This process is used when the employee is still inside the UAE.



  1.  The first step involves typing the labor cancellation document.
  2.  The employee signs the document and sends it back.
  3.  The signed document is then submitted for labor cancellation.
  4.  The immigration cancellation application preparation.
  5.  Obtain a copy of the final cancellation approval from the authorities.

Total Approximate Cost: AED 390

Time Frame: 2 to 3 days


2. Outside Country Visa Cancellation (More than 6 months outside UAE)

This process is used when the employee has been outside the UAE for over six months. There are two cases based on whether the Employer is sure about the employee’s location.

Case 1:  Employer is Not Confident if Employee is Inside or Outside



  1.  In/Out Report from GDRFA or ICP Immigration to verify the employee’s status.
  2.  If an Employee is outside for more than six months, then Labor Cancellation Typing has to be prepared with valid proof of In/Out Report. And If an Employee is outside less than 6 months, the Employer has to wait for the completion of the 6 months. Or another method we will explain in our third type of Employment Visa Cancellation.
  3.  Immigration Cancellation application submission.
  4.  Get the final approval copy of the cancellation.

Total Approximate Cost: AED 860

Time Frame: 3 to 4 days


Case 2:  Employer is Confident the Employee is Outside



  1.  Proceed with the immigration cancellation directly.
  2.  Obtain the cancellation copy.
  3.  Submit the MOHRE cancellation application.

Total Approximate Cost: AED 550

Time Frame: 2 to 3 days


3. Outside Visa Cancellation (Less than 6 months)

This process is used when the employee has been outside the UAE for less than six months.



  1.  In/Out Report have to be obtain to confirm the employee’s status.
  2.  Employer confirms that Employee is Outside the UAE.
  3.  The original passport of the employee must be sent via DHL or Any courier Services indicating their agreement about cancellation.



  1.  The original passport has to be received via DHL or courier services.
  2.  The immigration cancellation application typing.
  3.  We must wait for the approval and a visit to the GDRFA / ICP immigration may required.
  4.  The Employer shows the original passport to the authorities for final approval mostly.
  5.  Type the labor card cancellation application.

Total Approximate Cost: AED 550

Time Frame: 3 to 4 days


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The employee will face issues with future employment visa applications within the UAE. And Employer will get the penalties after the visa expiry of the employee.
No, an employee cannot cancel their own employment visa. The Employer is authorized to cancel the visa.
The duration of the visa cancellation process depends but not longer than 3 to 5 days.
Depending upon the case to case approx 390/- AED to 860/- AED
Yes, even if the employee’s visa is expired we must clear his file from the government system MOHRE and GDRFA.

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