Why You Should Start a Catering Business in Dubai Now

Why Now is the Right Time to Start a Catering Business in Dubai:

Starting a catering business in Dubai presents a unique opportunity, mainly highly profitable, at a time when this economy is even more significant. Dubai is a city so full of energy in life, economy, and demographic alterity; hence, it is always an ideal site for new ventures serving food. This article explains why now is the time to start your catering business in Dubai. It covers profitability, setup processes in the UAE, growth in the UAE food industry, and the booming Dubai food service market.

Dubai Catering Business Profitability:

Among many other reasons, the Start a catering business in Dubai is very profitable. First and foremost, Dubai is home to a mix of cultures, meaning there would be an emerging demand for different cuisines. Quite often, especially during corporate or personal events, there is a dire call for professional and high-quality catering services that can offer a variety of cuisines to cater to the diversified tastes of people attending these kinds of events.

Catering Business Setup in UAE:


Steps to set up Start a catering business in Dubai, shall have to follow:

● Business Plan:

Devise a comprehensive business plan mentioning the type of catering provided, targeted segment, marketing strategies, and financial forecasts.

● Trade Name Registration:

Uniqueness in the name of the business is important as it has to be registered with DED’s Department.

● Licensing:

The license needed for food business includes food licensing by the Food Safety Department and a Trade license through DED.

● Location:

Find a suitable location for your kitchen and associated operations. It could be under a commercial space or inside a free zone, subject to your Business Model and target market.

Health and Safety Approvals:

Get the necessary health and safety approvals from Dubai Municipality concerning your kitchen and associated operations.

● Staffing:

Manpower is to be qualified, with training regarding health and hygiene, stipulated by the authorities.

● Marketing and Launch:

Work out a good marketing plan for your catering services, after which you launch your business.

● Growth of the UAE Food Sector:

The food industry is growing brilliantly in the UAE; at long last, a food entrepreneur looking to start a business could hardly find a better time. Recent reports estimate that the Food and Beverages market will continue its positive trend over ensuing years. Growth drivers include:

● Growing population:

The population of the UAE slowly but progressively increases; thereby, increasing the demand for food services.

● Expat Community:

The large community of expatriates creates demand for various cuisines within the UAE.

● High Disposable Income:

The United Arab Emirates is in the list of top per capita incomes globally, and it leads to these high spends on dining and catering services.

Dubai Food Service Market:

Foodservice has remained one of the lucrative businesses in Dubai, and recently, there has been magnificent demand for casual as well as quality catering. Some of the numerous trends transforming this sector and inadequate responses to the emerging opportunities for new businesses in catering include:

Healthy and Organic Foods:

One of the growing trends in healthy eating characterizes a rise in demand for organic and healthy catering.

● Event Catering:

Dubai hosts many conferences, exhibitions, and other personal events like weddings and parties that involve specialized catering.

● Corporate Catering:

The presence of numerous multinational companies in Dubai never goes without demand at the corporate end for meetings, events, and everyday office meals.

● Unique and Experiential Dining:

The market is slowly reaching out to themed events and interactive food stations for unique dining experiences.

Company Formation in UAE:

Dubai has several advantages in terms of company formation, particularly in the catering sector. Some of the initiatives it has introduced to attract entrepreneurs and investors are as follows:

● Free Zones:

Setting up a business in one of Dubai’s many free zones offers 100% foreign ownership, tax-free operation, and streamlined, simple business procedures.

● Strategic Location:

UAE is strategically positioned geographically; therefore, Dubai serves as a gateway between the East and the West. There is easy access to big markets.

● Business-Friendly Policies:

The UAE government is continually reforming its policies to enhance the ease of doing business and diminish the time and cost associated with setting up a company.

Company Registration in UAE:

The procedure of registration of the company in UAE is much more transparent and clear. And for the entrepreneurs, the following steps need to be followed:

● Choose type of Business Activity:

Determine the catering service that will be provided.

● Select Legal Form:

The legal form of a business has to be chosen. It may be under the form of sole proprietorship partnership, limited liability company, or LLC.

● Get Licenses:

Get the necessary licenses from the concerned authorities.

● Chamber of Commerce Registration:

The UAE Chamber of Commerce will register your business.

● Open a Bank Account:

Open a bank account for all monetary transactions.


Business Setup Services:

The entrepreneur could also avail himself of business setup services that take him through the entire process of setting up a catering business undertaking in Dubai. Business setup services may be engaged for:

● Legal Documentation:

Preparation and filing of all documentation.

● Local Sponsorship:

Provision for local sponsorship should be required in some cases of business structures.

● Office Space:

Searching for an appropriate for the operation.

● Banking:

Open a corporate bank account.

● PRO Services:

All PRO services, including visa applications and their renewal.


Now is the time to start a catering business in Dubai. A vibrant city economy, rich cultural diversity, and rapidly enhancing demand for food services all combine to provide the best possible climate for any new venture. Company formation in Dubai provides a supportive setup of the business ecosystem, friendly government policies, and a booming food industry that enables an entrepreneur to start a successful  catering business in Dubai. Be it in a Free Zone or the Mainland, the scope of growth and profitability is immense. The existence of Dubai is just about as perfect as it will get for your venture in the catering business.

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