Simplify Your Immigration Journey With Personalized And Transparent Immigration Pro Services Dubai

Promoting work is a crucial and the most principal development of any association in UAE, right from the business setup, and association improvement frameworks. Company Formation was established on the basis of providing simplified immigration PRO Services in Dubai UAE for businesses and individuals. Navigate the complex immigration process along with its documentation and approvals, efficiently and with ease - with the help of our PRO agents.

Our immigration PRO services guarantee a significant reduction in your documentation processing with hassle-free services. We ensure complete transparency and always keep you up-to-date with the latest Government initiatives, rules and regulations. We will provide you with complete assistance with Company Formation in Dubai, licensing and other PR-related tasks in both Mainland.

The processing time for immigration applications in Dubai varies depending on the type of visa or permit. With us, it generally takes a few days to a week to process your immigration application.


PRO in UAE refers to a Public Relations Officer. In Dubai, you need PRO services to comply with the region’s various business and employment laws. When it comes to immigration laws in Dubai, with Company Formation, you are in the best of hands.


The cost of Immigration PRO services varies based on individual circumstances and situations. The charges include government application fees, document attestation charges, nominal service charges along with any additional charges related to specific visa types and services required. For more details on the cost, talk to our immigration consultants.


You need PRO services in the UAE to build and retain a virtuous working relationship with local and national government offices, obtain certification and sanctions from authorities, coordinate for the Certificate of Origin/Attestation, labour approval, entry permit, employment visa, labour card, labour contract, residence visa and a lot more.


Company Formation is your one-stop solution for all types of PRO and Visa services in the UAE. We rank among the top business consulting firms in Dubai. So let Company Formation professionals help you secure your future in the vibrant and thriving country of Dubai.



From Certificates To Contracts Get Your Documents Attested With Dubai’s Attestation Pro Services

If you plan to reside and work in Dubai, it's necessary to obtain attestation services for various legal documents. However, navigating the intricate world of document attestation in Dubai can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the regulations in the UAE. At Company Formation in Dubai’s attestation PRO services, we can help you ensure that everything is completed on time - sidetracking all delays and ensuring your application is approved promptly.

We offer attestation PRO services in Dubai and make every effort to obtain the attestation within the stipulated time frame, ensuring you do not miss out on any crucial opportunity. Whether you want Document attestation or Notary attestation - our experts will fulfill your needs in the most efficient ways. As a renowned attestation company and an agency for certificate attestation in Dubai, we take pride in our comprehensive attestation services and ensure you experience a stress-free document attestation with us.

We offer a comprehensive range of attestation services including personal certificates (birth, marriage), educational documents (degrees, transcripts), commercial papers (trade licenses, agreements), and embassy attestation. If you need attestation services for any other documents, get in touch with our team today.


Our seamless attestation services will help you complete your attestation requirements for Academic certificates, Personal certificates and Commercial documents in a hassle-free way and within minimum time-frame. We are home attestation experts agents who will assist you in completing the legalization procedure easily, timely and correctly.


Yes, it is advisable to initiate the attestation process before arriving in the UAE. This will help ensure a smoother transition and compliance with local regulations, saving time and potential compliance upon arrival. The Company Formation team is always here to help you with your attestation and visa needs at reasonable rates.


The timeframe for attestation services depends on the type of document and the specific requirement. Generally, it ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks. But with us, we will ensure that the attestation process is completed within your stipulated time frame without compromising accuracy.


Yes, we can! As company formation experts we strive to offer comprehensive support to our clients, including document collection, verification, attestation and more. Our team will ensure that your documents meet the attestation criteria, and we will keep you in the loop with all the processes and updates.



Navigating Government Compliance Made Easy With Dubai’s Trusted MOHRE PRO Services

MOHRE or the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation plays a crucial role in organising the recruitment process and supervising workers in both the public and private sectors. MOHRE follows a set of policies and strategies to provide productive services for the workforce in the UAE. At Company Formation in Dubai, we specialise in providing expert solutions to streamline your business operations. Whether you are looking for MOHRE PRO services for employers or employees - our team will guide you with exceptional MOHRE services that are customized to your business needs.

With a wealth of experience and proven track record of helping businesses and individuals with their immigration, attestation, consulate and PRO services - we ensure that your requirements are met the right way within your stipulated time frame. Don’t let bureaucratic hurdles hinder your business growth. Trust MOHRE PRO services in Dubai for a seamless, reliable and efficient government relations experience.

MOHRE is the acronym for Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. It is a government body that provides many effective services to employers and employees in the United Arab Emirates. They play a major role in supervising the workforce and synchronising the employment process for both the public and the private sectors in the UAE.


At Company Formation we believe in transparent communications. Therefore we always ensure to keep our clients regularly updated via email or phone, outlining the progress of their MOHRE-related tasks. Also we are available 24/7 to address all the queries and concerns of our clients.


Individuals can apply for a work permit in Dubai in three cases: You get an appointment while you’re still in the country. You land a job opportunity while you’re in Dubai on a visit visa. You are already working in Dubai and have changed your country.


For checking your labor contract on MOHRE, you need to follow the online employment contract verification process – which only involves a few steps and is really easy. If you need help with the process, the Company Formation team is always here to guide you.


There are 4 types of employment contracts in the UAE public sector: 1. Full time employment contract 2. Part time employment contract 3. Temporary contract 4. Special contract



From Visa Application To Residency Renewals - Experience GDRFA Services With Dubai’s Trusted Immigration Partner

GDRFA also known as the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai is the department that undertakes all entry permits, visit visas, residence visas, work visas and other visas intended to enter and live in Dubai. It plays a pivotal role in facilitating immigration and residency procedures in the UAE. Make your immigration process seamless with our hassle-free GDRFA services.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals well-versed in GDRFA procedure - ensuring your application process is handled with precision and efficiency. Whether you are a resident seeking visa renewal, an employer applying for a work permit, or an investor navigating investor visas - we have the services to cater to your individual needs. Company Formation in Dubai will work with you by understanding your specific needs, handling the submission process, liaising with the GDRFA authorities and taking care of all the necessary responsibilities. Simplify your immigration experience with our dedicated GDRFA services.

Time Savings

We will streamline the process, assisting you with the documentation and application process - significantly reducing processing time and minimising delays.

Expert Guidance And Knowledge

Our expert professionals will ensure that your application process is accurate and efficient - helping you navigate the immigration process smoothly and efficiently.

Personalized Assistance

Every circumstance is unique and therefore we provide personalised guidance, based on your situation - ensuring you follow the right approach for the application.

GDRFA or General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs is the governmental body responsible for overseeing and regulating residency and immigration matters in Dubai. They handle visa issuance, renewals, cancellations, and other related services.


To apply for a new residency visa through GDRFA, you can get in touch with our team and we will guide you through the process efficiently and effortlessly.


If you apply for your GDRFA with us, and you will be kept updated with the ongoing process, where you don’t have to worry about anything. You can also check the status of your visa application through the GDRFA’s online portal or by contacting their customer service.


Yes, GDRFA offers services for investor visas and business setups. This includes facilitating visa applications for investors, partners, and entrepreneurs looking to establish or invest in businesses in Dubai. For more information on this, get in touch with our team.


GDRFA provides services for work permits, labor contracts, employee sponsorship, and other employment-related transactions. This includes visa processing for employees and dependents

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