How to Start an Uber Business in Dubai

Starting an Uber business in Dubai could be a very lucrative opportunity due to this city’s vibrant economy and bustling tourism sector. Dubai comes with tempting possibilities for any business due to its strategic location and solid infrastructure that the country has consistently invested in. This guide explains everything you need to know from setting up an Uber business, including Uber driver recruitment, Uber driver requirements, professional licensing, vehicle condition, and many other related issues.

Understanding the Dubai Transportation Business

Dubai is home to one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced transportation services such as metro services, buses, and clean cabs along with some service providers who only offer upscale cars in Dubai or Uber rides. Regardless of this, the entire Dubai transportation business lies under the supervision of the RTA, or the Roads and Transport Authority, which is responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of the services.

In fact, you can set up an Uber recruitment of drivers in Dubai to manage your business more successfully.

Uber Driver Recruitment in Dubai:

Recruiting drivers for your Uber business in Dubai is a crucial step. Below are steps that how to go with it:

• Eligibility:

Make sure that all applicant drivers meet the eligibility condition as set by Uber, such as a valid UAE driving license and an individual to be at least 21 years of age.

• Screening:

Screen driving history and criminal record.

• Training:

Preparing drivers adequately with customer service, city routes, and onboarding with Uber’s platform.

• Onboarding:

Assisting drivers in vehicle verification, app setup, and fare system literacy.

Uber Driver Qualifications in Dubai

The following conditions must be met by each driver in order to become an Uber driver in Dubai.

• A valid UAE driving license:

The drivers should have a UAE driving license, with an absolute minimum of one year of driving experience.

• Age requirements:

The driver should be at least 21 years of age.

• Vehicle standards:

The vehicle must be a 2015 or newer car, be in good condition, and meet the specific requirements provided by Uber.

The vehicle must have comprehensive insurance

• Security check:

Drivers must pass the security check conducted by both Uber and RTA.

• Professional license:

RTA must issue a professional license to drivers.

Step-by-Step Procedures for Starting an Uber Business in the UAE

Entrepreneurial ventures always ensure that proper procedures are diligently observed, and this includes Uber business. In case prospective Uber entrepreneurs are not aware yet, the business requires registrations and procurement of licenses/permits, bank accounts, and operational requirements. Given the above, here are step-by-step procedures:

• Business Registration:

Register the business at the Dubai Department of Economic Development. Select accordingly between a sole structure, partnership, or limited liability company.

• Professional License:

An individual should apply for a professional license from the RTA to practice this business in Dubai. This is very important for the business enactment.

• Vehicle Acquisition:

Purchase or lease vehicles that meet the Uber requirements and that are properly insured and maintained.

• Hiring:

Recruiting drivers meeting Uber’s and RTA standards. To be trained and oriented during training on how the Uber platform operates and the standards of customer service.

• Compliance:

Shall be compliant, at all levels, with the laws and regulations set out by the emirate, including adherence to safety standards for the vehicles, annual tests for vehicles, and checks for the driver’s background.

• Promotion:

Carry out marketing in all areas. Use Facebook, Google, and outreach to increase your brand.

Professional License RTA Uber

The RTA provides a legal permit to run an Uber business in Dubai. Here’s how you can acquire it:

• Application:

File an application on the RTA with all attachments. These include copies of the business registration papers and details of vehicles and drivers.

• Inspection:

RTA will make an inspection to assure your vehicles are safe and of good quality.

• Approval:

Upon approval of your application, you will be issued with a professional license, and you can then do your Uber business legally.

How to Maintain Your Uber Vehicle in Dubai

Here are a few valuable tips for maintaining your fleet of Uber vehicles:

• Safety Checks:

Regularly perform checks to ensure functionality of all safety features.

• Cleanliness:

The vehicles should be regularly cleaned and kept in a presentable manner, including both interior and exterior cleaning.

• Insurance and Documentation:

The vehicle should be under insurance and should have proper documented evidence of affixing the insurance; the driver should have those documents with him whenever driving the vehicle.

• Logs of Repairs and Maintenance:

Records of service and detailed vehicle maintenance records should be kept.

Uber Business Set Up in Dubai

After careful planning and proper execution, set up your uber business in Dubai. Below is a step-by-step guide to getting you on the road:

• Market Research:

This perused action in the venture would follow categorically to identify where demand exists in the different areas in Dubai. Identify potential competition and strategize.

• Business Plan:

Develop a full plan that will describe the objectives and target market. The marketing and financial projections of the business must be extensively stipulated.

• Funding:

Secure the necessary funding to establish your business. This could be personal savings, bank loans, or investors.

• Legal Requirements:

Fulfill all legal requirements, such as registration of the business, licensing, and compliance.

• Staffing:

You have to recruit a team or employees responsible to recruit drivers, customer servicing, and vehicle maintenance.

• Marketing and Promotion:

Setting a marketing strategy to promote the Uber business is a best way
and it can be done through different social media plate forms.

• Launch:

Eventually, launch the Uber business with the grand opening and bring out the first set of customers. Give incentives and offers to make a customer base.


Doing an Uber business in Dubai will give you the right results if executed properly. Understanding the Dubai transportation business, meeting Uber driver requirements, and getting a professional license from RTA will guide you towards running an Uber business. The basics of recruiting Uber drivers and setting up a business of your own with a firm foundation will help in battle through the prevalent market challenges and leverage the opportunities present.
With the expert consultancy of Company formation in Dubai and by following all of the steps outlined in this guide, you will be on your way to forging a successful Uber business in Dubai.

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