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Maybe you’re planning to set up a thriving business in the mailand UAE or Dubai free zones. That’s great - Dubai is currently a haven for people from different parts of the world to explore diverse business opportunities.

However, UAE is also known for its strict GDRFA regulations. Thankfully, you have nothing to worry about with our expert business consultants by your side. From entry permits, visa issuance to other administrative GDRFA tasks - we will complete all your GDRFA process with minimum hassles.

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Our experts make sure your GDRFA documents comply with the stringent policies in UAE

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Professional business consultants to guide you in utilizing your resources tactfully while clearing GDRFA documents

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We will ease the GDRFA process for you while you can focus on your business setup plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

01 What Is GDRFA?

GDRFA or General Directorate Of Residency and Foreigners is an official government authority in the emirate of Dubai. It oversees and controls all the protocols involved with the entry, residence, and exit of expats in the country.

02 What Services Do You Provide Under GDRFA Pro Services?

Under GDRFA Pro services, we extend residence and entry permit services, business establishment support services, personal status and citizenship services.

03 What Are The Citizenship Services Provided By The GDRFA?

You can get issuance of new passports, renew passports, replace lost passports, get issuance of statements under GDRFA citizenship services.

04 I Have Lost My GDRFA Deposit Receipt. What Can I Do?

GDRFA maintains all document application and processing in a system. So, if you have deposited money while sponsoring for a visa 5 or 10 years ago, and don’t have the receipt now - you can request a new one.

05 What Happens When You Overstay Your Visa?

Make sure to always abide by the period of the visa - it is very crucial. But in case you have an emergency (medical or accident), you just need to prove it to avoid any legal consequences.

06 Can I Bring My Parents To The UAE On My Sponsorship?

YES, your parents can most certainly come to UAE on your sponsorship. But you do need to fulfill some requirements and get some documents cleared for sponsoring your parents as residents.