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Employment visa renewal on Dubai’s mainland is an important process for both employers and employees. In order to renew an employment visa, we require basic documents, information, and multiple steps. Starting the renewal visa process at least one month before the expiry date is recommended. This article will guide you through the requirements, timelines, costs, and steps involved in renewing an employment visa in Dubai UAE mainland. All Dubai and UAE mainland employment visas are valid for two years and must be renewed or canceled before expiring.

Before starting the process, you should double-check that all documents are valid and clear. The employee visa renewal process involves two parts: renewing the labor card with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) and renewing the eResidency with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) or the relevant immigration authority ICP

Importance of Employment Visa Renewal

Employment visa renewal is not just a procedural formality but a legal necessity. Failure to renew a visa on time can result in significant penalties, legal complications, and disruption of other new visas. For example, if any employee visa is expired and not renewed on time, it will lead to a company block in the MOHRE enquiry System. Once a company is blocked, the employer can’t hire new employees until and unless the renewal visa employee file is not cleared.

Required Documents

To renew an Employment visa in Dubai UAE Mainland Company, you will need to gather and submit the following documents:

Recent Photo:

A high – resolution recent photo with a white background.

Passport Copy:

The employee’s passport copy with a validity of more than six months. It must be a cleared scanned copy. A copy of the national ID card may also be required for the specific countries.

eResidency Copy:

A copy of the employee’s current eResidency.

Contract Details:

Updated salary or contract details for Renewal MOHRE contract typing.

Labor Card Copy:

Although not mandatory, it may be requested by the Authority.

Emirates ID Original of the Authorized Person:

The Emirates ID of the authorized person from the Mainland Company is required.

E-sign Card:

e-sign Card is also called an e-signature card if the original is not available, then this can be done via using an OTP. This will be requested during the preparation of the MOHRE contract.

Timeframe for Employment Visa Renewal in Dubai UAE Mainland

Renewing a mainland employment visa typically takes between three to seven business days. However, any mistakes on the application form can delay the process so it is important to ensure all information and documents are accurate and completed.

Approximate Cost

The cost of renewing an employment visa includes several components:

Government Fees:

These are the standard fees charged by the government for processing the visa renewal.

MOHRE Labor Fee:

This fee varies depending on the company category and must be paid for renew the MOHRE labor card.

Medical Fitness Test:

This is required to ensure the employee meets health standards within UAE.

Emirates ID:

A new Emirates ID application fee is also part of the cost.

These costs can add up to approximately AED 3,000 depending upon Medical Fitness Test Service and the company category in MOHRE enquiry.

Regular Steps for Employment Visa Renewal

The standard steps to renew an employment visa in Dubai mainland include:

Renewal Contract Typing:

Preparing the renewal contract details such as salary and other conditions.

MOHRE Insurance:

This insurance policy is very important to have a guarantee for the employee’s ticket and any losses by the company in any emergency case, such as the employer absconding and the company going bankrupted.

MOHRE Work Permit Fees:

Paying the work permit fees allows employees to work two years as an employee. This fee is depending upon the company category.

Medical Fitness Test:

Undergoing a medical fitness test for renewal visa.

Emirates ID Application Typing:

Typing the application for the Emirates ID.

eResidency Request:

Submitting the request for renewal eResidency.

Exceptional Steps for Employment Visa Renewal

In some cases, additional steps might be required after the renewal visa copy is issued:

Medical Fitness Test:

At this method we can do first medical fitness Examination.

Emirates ID Typing renewal:

Along with the medical fitness test, we can proceed with the Emirates id renewal process.

eResidency Renewal:

Right after the medical test report and Emirates id Application we can issue Renewed eResidency of the employee.

MOHRE Renewal Contract Typing:

This step can be taken at the last.

MOHRE Insurance:

Paying the insurance policy before submission of the renewal contract at MOHRE system.

MOHRE Work Permit and Contract Submission:

This can be the final step and can be completed at the final step.

Following the regular steps is usually the best practice to ensure a smooth process.

Important Notes

  • The renewal medical fitness test can be done before contract typing and submission.
  • GDRFA provides a 60 – day’s grace period after the residency expires.
  • After the 60 – day’s grace period, fines of AED 50 per day will impose on the residency file.
  • In some cases an attested degree certificate may need to be rescanned into the MOHRE system during renewal contract typing.

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This can result in fines and legal complications.
Pending fines must be paid before the renewal visa process
The grace period is 60 days for complete the renewal employment visa process.
Yes, a new medical fitness test is required for renewal employee's visa
No, Applicant has to be inside the country UAE to complete all the necessary steps.
No, Authorized Person original Emirates ID and eSign card must required or OTP.

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