Beyond Borders: Obtaining Dependent Visa in Dubai UAE

With a Dependent Visa in Dubai, foreign nationals can live in the Dubai United Arab Emirates with their spouse, kids, and parents. To obtain this visa, the sponsor must apply on behalf of their spouse, children, or sometimes parents. The employee sponsor must meet income standards, hold a valid resident visa in the Dubai UAE, and present valid documentation required for all the dependents for the Family visa in Dubai. The sponsor should be prepared to cover the relevant Dependent Visa in Dubai costs to secure the legal documents for their stay. This guide will explain how you, as a husband and employee, can sponsor your family visa in Dubai, UAE

Dependent Visa In Dubai Process and Documents Requirements:

If a husband wants to bring his wife to Dubai, he must sponsor her and issue a Family Visa. Below are the documents requirements to complete the process.

1.  The sponsor person should have a minimum salary of 4000/-AED.
2.  The Sponsor’s valid residence visa, a valid Emirates ID, and a copy of the passport.
3.  A copy of the labor contract is required if the Sponsor is employed under Dubai Mainland Company, or a Freezone salary certificate is required if he is working under Dubai Freezone Company.
4.  To prove the relationship between the Sponsor and the dependent, an attested Marriage Certificate is required from the home country or issued country and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Arabic Translation might be needed).
5. A copy of the wife’s passport and a recent photo with a background are required.
6.  Wife visit visa or cancel visa copy required if she is inside the UAE country.

Dependent Visa In Dubai Process Step by Step Details:

Suppose the Sponsor is sponsoring his family in Dubai, UAE, with his current Residency or Emirates ID for the first time. He should get his Sponsor file open from the GDRFA Immigration.

1. Open Sponsor File:

To accommodate various relatives under a single sponsorship. The government provides a space for the Sponsor to add his dependent, allowing the entire family to be under one tree. By entering the file number, it will be simple to keep track of all the family’s dependents and their history. If the Sponsor has opened a dependent visa file, he cannot cancel his visa. It takes time within 30 minutes to 24 hours

2. Inside Visa:

If the wife is inside UAE, it will be applied as an inside Visa application. After the Visa Application is approved and issued, it doesn’t mean dependents are legal now, and their number of stays has been increasing.

3. Change Status:

Change status is required when the wife is on a cancel visa, visit visa or on arrival visa. At this step we will change the current visa status to a New Dependent Visa In Dubai status under the sponsorship of the husband. If the dependent or wife does not get an eResidency Visa within 60 days they will get a penalty of 50/- AED each day.

4. Outside Visa:

When or if the dependent is not in the Dubai UAE country and they are outside and then it is not necessary to change the status. In this case, the family will arrive at the Dubai UAE airport with an entry permit. This Entry Permit is valid for 60 days to enter Dubai UAE else this permit will expire. Once the dependent enters the UAE, they should complete the residency process as mentioned above within 60 days to avoid the penalties.

5. Medical Fitness Test:

It is a process by the UAE government to check that the dependent is free from chronic diseases. Dependent has to visit Government Hospitals such as the Dubai Health Authority or Ministry of Health for screening (MOH). This includes X-rays and blood tests for the newly issued visa holders. Medical fitness test results usually come within 30 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the service and center you choose. For the Medical Fitness Test process, the dependent or applicant has to carry the original passport along with the eVisa.

6. Emirates ID Application:

In this process, the dependent has to make an appointment and visit Smart ICP Centers for Biometrics 30 minutes prior to her appointment. It is required for Government database records to scan biometrics and eyes scanning. The original passport must be presented for identity verification. The biometrics process can not finish without a medical fitness test result. Emirates ID will be issued by the Smart ICP Government of Abu Dhabi upon completion of all residency procedures.

7. eResidency Visa:

Before applying for eResidency application, the dependent or wife has to complete all the previous steps. eResidency Visa shows the duration of each individual’s stay within Dubai UAE. It can be issued within a few days, depending on the government system.

8. Emirates ID card printout:

At last, the Emirates ID card will be delivered to the address provided. Emirates ID issues and delivers within 3 to 4 working days. We can travel with this Emirates ID inside and outside Country UAE, and it is required for every matter within UAE.

Dependent Visa Process Costing:

It starts from 3,000 to 4,000 AED and depends upon the medical services you choose.

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